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Home cooking and food packaging convenience

Home cooking and food packaging convenience

Cooking more at home could become the new normal post-pandemic. Amid worldwide lockdowns, consumers have been cooking more at home as it helps them eat healthier, try new recipes and even find cooking relaxing. Therefore, they have been looking for convenient products that can help them manoeuver around the kitchen and prepare easy meals. 44% of consumers in the region have been investing in grocery shopping for cooking meals at home.

SIG Combibloc’s filling technology offers a whole range of food products in addition to beverages. The ultramodern food-filling machines can aseptically fill products containing particulates up to 25 millimeters in size – individual fibres can even be as long as 40 millimeters. Products can have up to 50 per cent particulate content.

For example, some of the company’s customers are using SIG’s unique selling proposition on filling flexibility to release products in different sizes, formats, and in various categories of food and liquid dairy; such as feta cheese, cooking cream in addition to their milk and juice products in order to bring the convenience to their consumer’s lives.

A. Leveraging aseptic carton technology to lead change in shelfstable tomatoes Recording a 1.4% CAGR tomato pastes and purees 2018/2023 (designed).

Aseptic carton packaging technology offers vast opportunities to play an essential role in supporting regional tomato brands and manufacturers in innovating and adapting product and packaging offerings. By utilizing the full potential of aseptic carton packaging technology, the tomato industry can offer consumers innovation required to revitalize and create sustainable value in the shelf-stable tomato segment.

B. Soups & Broth
Millennials demonstrate a growing influence and spending power, increasingly shifting in shopping behavior and product preferences towards convenience, healthy, organic and natural products.

It is important for food manufacturers to engage in innovation driven by packaging, product concept or usage to retain and attract consumers. For example, the broth segment managed to become a very dynamic category, driven by packaging innovation and usage expansion. In addition, brand owners have heavily engaged in moving their product from store centers to store peripheries in order to cater to changing shopping habits.

The popularity of the traditional soup in restaurants has slowed in recent months with consumers shifting to home consumption. An expected CAGR of 2.9% for the soup market through 2024 still indicates growth, and the category overall still represents a significant market share.

Instant grab-and-go soups are expected to dominate the soup market in the next few years. Because they’re easy to prepare, they align perfectly with other food trends that cite convenience as a main driver of sales and attract millennials looking for convenience. Innovation and differentiation in sizes and flavors with influences from the Middle East and Western Europe are showing up in the food and beverage industry and become more appealing for consumers.

Creamy soups like tomato bisque, roasted cauliflower, broccoli, mushroom, zucchini, red pepper, pumpkin, and just about any vegetable you can puree are also on trend. Health-conscious consumers continue to consider the amount of fat and calories contained in the food they eat, so formulating these applications with improved nutrition can increase their appeal even further.

Increasing soup sales not only requires staying on trend with unique flavor profiles; it requires providing a wider variety of healthy options. An effective strategy for food manufacturers is reducing or replacing high-fat traditional ingredients and emulsifiers such as cream, butter, eggs and oil in dressings and soups with a lower fat alternative and focus on adding healthy benefits and immune spices.

Most of food segments in carton are forecasted to grow :

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